Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The magic of legal cocaine – TNT

The magic of legal cocaine – TNTThe legal option of cocaine – TNT is 100% effective (Many of our experienced customers prove that..)! If you want to have a great party, this is the best way… Ordering legal cocaine you will realize that illegal, expensive and harmful drugs are no longer necessary… they’re already history! Natural stimulating drugs are now the future… and they’re absolutely legal.

Well, it’s time to choose – expensive, full of side effects, bad for the health and illegal cocaine… or his natural substituteLegal Cocaine - TNT! which has no side effects or any other flaws…

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Order Legal Cocaine Now!

Order Legal Cocaine Now!Legal Cocaine is an exciting revolutionary product that will give you the highs you want without the lows you don't. Illegal and harmful cocaine has been polluting the streets for too long and many of our children have experienced the bad influence of this drug. Well if you're just too curious to pass on an opportunity like this - this is your safe bet. If you've thought about it (haven't we all?), why harm yourself, when you can take the safer route - Legal Cocaine.

It's legal, it's cheap, it's effective, it's side-effect-free, full of harmless herbs and available worldwide. We keep our customers happy, healthy and wealthy - so join the party and be the highlight of it by ordering legal cocaine now for only $19.95!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Legal Ecstasy dosage

Legal Ecstasy is all about having a great time without harming yourself. So in order to make your night the best you need to take care in how much of legal ecstasy are you taking. The acceptance limit usually goes up to 2 capsules. It is recommended to take them with water - it would ease the acceptance and would lead to the ultimate effect. Do not take more than 2 capsules within 24 hours and drink plenty of water or other liquids. Legal ecstasy can be also taken with alcohol without leading to any side effects, but we don't highly recommend it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New very strong legal drug - Colombian Gold !

New very strong legal drug - Colombian Gold !Colombian Gold (HERBAL INCENSE) is powerful and unique blend of exotic plants mixed with synthetic flavorings, that emit a smooth and powerful smoke that acts as an agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors (it gets you stoned).

*Do not overuse or mix with other substances !
*Do not use if pregnant or on any medications !
*Do not drive or operate heavy machinery !


Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.
Contains no tobacco, nicotine or any illegal substances.

You can get high legally with COLOMBIAN GOLD, and never worry because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or any analog of it, and will not be detected during drug screening tests.

We have customers in over 50 countries,
and, for a limited time, offer FREE world wide shipping.

Order now !!! For only $60/15 grams!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Legal ecstasy - ecstasy at its finest

Legal ecstasy - ecstasy at its finestEcstasy provides many of the side effects you would definately pass:
Nausea, blurry vision, sweating, increased blood pressure, dehydration, cardiovascular failure, liver failure, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, loss of coordination, loss of apetite, mood swings, temporary memory loss, etc. , etc. , etc.

But why is ecstasy still on the market with those kinds of risks. Some people just want to get high. Ecstasy gives you a great experience, that is a FACT! But at what cost. Now the only thing you should ask yourself is:

Will legal ecstasy harm me?

The answer is simple - NO! Legal ecstasy is a legal, herbal, harmless, effective and cheap drug that will cause absolutely no trouble legally, mentally, physically, etc. No trouble, only fun! Lots of it! Care to find out why legal highs are better highs?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hops Hash - order now!

Hops Hash - order now!Hops usually contain chemical that are famous for their hypnotic and sedative functions. Hops in high doses may affect you the same way an opium acts for your nervous system but causing no addiction.

Our machinery extracts one gram out of 50 kilos of hops that, when smoked, give you an incredible sensation. Hops have been used in medicine for hundreds of years and with our technologies may be used by you to have a great time. It is absolutely harmless and easy to use!

Order now! 10g Hops Hash for only $49 !!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Legal cocaine - best legal high

legal cocaineOur product provides a great deal of energy, an incredible effect and a good night sleep. This legal substitute for the harmful illegal cocaine has no side effects and won't cause any damage.

The limit of acceptance is 3 capsules for a 3-hour effect. The tide of energy will blow your mind. If the effect wears off you might take another dose, but you're having any health problems better check with your doctor if this product will be wearing YOU off. People who know this product well and have experienced it enough times may take up to 6 pills in 24 hours. Contains Green Tea, Piper Nigrum and Citrus Aurantium. Also contains 30 mg Oxedrine and 66 mg Caffeine per a capsule.

Have all the legal harmless fun you want - it will be something you won't regret!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rasta weed - the best weed

Rasta weed is a herbal substitute of illegal marijuana. After months of experiments on this product our laboratory came up with a solution that brings you longer-lasting legal euphoria which is even more harmless than illegal regular weed. It contains no nicotine, its effect is stunning and it is absolutely legal!

If you're familiar with marijuana there are no big differences in using - 2 or 3 people for a cigarette, which takes up to 10 minutes to consume. Rasta Weed is definately forbidden while you drive or operate heavy machinery and overdose with the product may cause hallucinations and/or other distorted perception.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legal Cocaine - order now!

legal cocaineBy ordering Legal Cocaine you agree to the following terms:

- You will spend $19.95 for a few of the best nights you'll ever have in your entire life. You will score, you will be at the top of the party and you will have no regrets in the morning

- You will enjoy Legal Cocaine so much that you will keep purchasing it and even tell your friends about the incredible deal!

- You will not have any trouble with the law and you will not experience any nasty side effects of any sort like nausea, headaches, dizziness, etc.

- You will deliver our product no matter where do you live. You will be surprised to see that our shipments will reach you in any place at any time!

- You will be grateful for finding out about this product and keep using it!

I think the terms are more than enough for you to purchase a bottle of Legal Cocaine now - only $19.95 per a bottle!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Legal Cocaine - Why Should I?

legal cocaineWhy should I purchase legal cocaine? Why should I trust the advertisement? Why should I believe that it is harmless? Why should I believe that it is different than any other substance known to man?

Well, first of all - you shouldn't - you WILL! The reasons are a few. Should you purchase it, Legal Cocaine delivers the time you've always wanted in the office, in the class room or at any other obligatory service you provide - having fun without harming yourselves, not putting lots of money to waste, not having to wake up hugging the toilet and not having to deal with all of the other nasty side effects of any other drugs. If you're having problems believing the advertisement - it's only $19.95, try it and see for yourself. Also contact one of the many satisfied customers we've had to support our claims! And if you don't believe the product is harmless - check the info about the ingredients aswell. Due to its natural ingredients Legal Cocaine is as side-effect-free and harmless as it can get. No side effects, no harming your body, no permanent damage, no temporary damage, any discmofort is out of the question.

So stop asking and start clickin - order Legal Cocaine for $19.95 per a bottle. The price is perfect and the highs are incredible! You can thank us later.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Best cocaine - Legal Cocaine

Best cocaine - Legal CocaineAre you addicted to the drug? Are you addicted to the life style? Or have you never tried drugs before? Does it sound like fun? Are all of these questions unanswered just because of the truths about cocaine having a horrible habit of destroying your organism?

Well Legal Cocaine's been known to be fully natural, giving you the experience you're lookin for without takin any risks as a consequence. That's right - no headache, no dizziness, no nausea, no vomitting, no sudden loss of apetite, problem getting a decent sleep, etc., etc.

Only good times, a great effect, low price and no trouble with the law. If you concider putting drug (death) dealers all around the world out of a job - buy our product and contribute to a safer future - times of no prohibitions AND addictions! Are you ready for it? - Order Legal Cocaine for $19.95 per a bottle.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Legal cocaine - effective and harmless

legal cocaineOne of the many reasons Legal Cocaine is the best product on the market is its 100% natural ingredients. With Legal Cocaine there are no problems with getting high without getting nasty side effects. The incredible tide of energy will blow your mind and may even improve your sexual performance. Legal Cocaine is legal, cheap, effective and harmless. You won't have any trouble with the law, you won't have any financial troubles, the only thing you will have is the time of your life. So why waste anymore time - it comes in a bottle for $19.95 and it will rock your world.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hops Hash

hops hashWhen most people think of hops (Humulus Lupulus) they think of beer and they are right, but what most people don't know is that hops contains certain chemicals that are medically used in naturopathy for their sedative and hypnotic action, as well as for removing restlessness, and abating pain. High dose Hops Resin is similar to the effects of opium, but without the addictive qualities.

Our Hops Hash is the pure resin collected from the harvesting machinery during harvest, it takes 50kg of hops to produce 1 gram of resin, and contains very high concentrations of lupulin and other narcotic like chemicals that when smoked produce, at first a stimulant influence, succeeded by a very agreeable, calming sensation.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More about rasta weed

How much should I smoke?
A cigarette size joint, should be sufficient enough for 2 or 3 people, with effects taking upto 10 minutes to come on. Don't underestimate the powerful effects, excessive amounts (more than 3 joints) may cause hallucinations and major perception changes. Do not drive or operate machinery after smoking Rasta Weed.

What herbs does it contain?
Rasta Weed contains the Cannabis like herb Lion's Tail (Leonotis leonurus), the hullicinagin Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), and the dream herb Chinese Mugwort (Artemisia verlotiorum ). All organically grown in New Zealand without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Is Rasta Weed legal in my country?
As far as we are aware Rasta Weed is legal everywhere, if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rasta Weed - Strongest legal bud !

rasta weedRasta Weed is a fine blend of herbs that when smoked, creates a euphoric high that peeks for over 45minutes and lasts 2 hrs that feels somewhat similar to high potency marijuana. Rasta Weed was developed after months of experimentation to bring you one of the best herbal smoking blends known to man.


Catalog of Legal Drugs

TNT is fully legal and natural substitute for the illegal and harmful drugs, like amphetamine itself. No side effects, no discomfort during AND after the wild night! Built from 100% natural and harmless ingredients, no risks of addiction and no trouble with the law, since it is LEGAL WORLDWIDE!

Mello Man is the ultimate relaxation formula. Good if you are stressed, or just wanting to relax. Mello Man relaxes you due to its fantastic mixture and balance of natural herbal extracts.

V8 is a powerful formula that fuels your mind and enegry levels and intensifies your whole party experience. V8 contains an all natural blend of herbal extracts and vitamins that will catapult your energy and have you at your best at any rave party.

Space Trips will have you going to the moon and back, with intence visuals, and strong sensory enhancement. Ideal to have at raves, clubs or anywhere there is alot of people and energy.

View more and order...

Hi Octane contains a fine blend of herbs to activate your body and vitalise your mind. Suitable for anyone who enjoys socializing and having a good time.

View more and order...

Sex Intense is formulated with natures most powerful aphrodisiacs and sex tonics that optimize sexual pleasure and orgasm sensation.

View more and order...

Big Daddy is potent blend of natural stimulants, that optimize energy, maxamize clarity, and keeps you alert and in the mood, for all night raving with fast and loud music.

View more and order...

Hippie Herb is a totally synthetic free, potpourri blend, made from strong plant extracts, that creates a euphoric and powerful aroma that promotes tranquility, and leaves you at peace with the world and those around you.
View more and order...

Hops Hash is a powerful sedative and hypnotic. Hops resin is collected from the hops harvesting machinery. The resin is scraped off the blades and dried to produce Hops Hash. Hops Hash is made in New Zealand from Hops grown in Nelson.
View more and order... Super caps [Stimulant] – A great product formulated for maximum acceleration and minimum slow down. A perfect legal substitute to amphetamine.

View more and order... Super caps [Stimulant] – Will uplift your mood and energize you to the extreme, its a legal alternative to ecstasy, with mild sensory enhancement.

View more and order... Down Super caps [Relaxant] – A fine blend of natural sedatives that emulate an opium type of effect and ideal for meditation.

View more and order... Sextreme Super caps [Aphrodisiac] – A potent Aphrodisiac that will boost your libido and sexual function.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Legal Cocaine is the future

Why? I'll tell you why? We have created the ultimate product for all of you people that want to party but are too afraid of the horrible consequences. For all of you who are constantly asking yourselves "What if there was a perfect drug?". Well, our product's not perfect, but it sure as hell is gettin there. Legal, harmless, side-effect-free, cheap, natural, effective - yep, that's right - Legal Cocaine is everything you want. If you have plans for tonight - buy a bottle of Legal Cocaine. If you don't - make some plans and buy a bottle of Legal Cocaine. Just $19.95 per a bottle and the night is yours - no trouble with the law, great night and a good morning after that when you will feel absolutely fresh and ready for another incredible experience.

Grab your wallet and order now - our shipments will reach you at any place, in any time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

5 reasons Legal Cocaine is the best

1. Natural - Legal Cocaine is a herbal alternative for its harmful origins - cocaine. It is 100% natural and harmless due to its healthy ingredients.
2. Cheap - A bottle of Legal Cocaine comes only for $19.95! Given the fact that the limit of acceptance is 2 wafers per night, you'd last probably about a month with those highs. Probably the best drug in the market!
3. Side effects free - Nausea, dizziness, headaches, vomit, abdominal pain... no way. Not the night you party and not the morning after. You'll party till you drop and you will sleep like a baby.
4. Legal - Legal Cocaine won't cause you any trouble with the law due to it's 100% natural ingredients.
5. Effective - The incredible tide of energy will run through your entire body and blow your mind. You might even score ;)

So what are you waiting for - order Legal Cocaine now! We ship worldwide!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Legal Cocaine - a revolutionary drug

Tired of all the harmful effects of cocaine or are you just curious and ready for an incredible night? Tired of all the setbacks of illegal and harmful cocaine. Then try the perfect alternative - legal, cheap, effective, harmless and incredible - Legal Cocaine is your best bet for tonight. It will not cause any trouble when consumed with alcohol, but it is recommended that you take maximum 2 wafers per night with water. Water eases the acceptance and makes the effect even better.

So enjoy the ride by ordering a bottle of Legal Cocaine now for only $19.95!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Legal Cocaine - the thrill of your life

Getting tired of all the nasty side effects of illegal and expensive narcotics? Or are you just pissed off about never having any fun with your friends? Want to try something new? Something extraordinary and unbelievable?

Do we have the product for you - legal cocaine. Twice as cheap, the same effect, none of the side effects, harmless, 100% natural and... oh yeah... LEGAL! Buy legal cocaine for $19.95 per a bottle and have the night of your life without doing any harm to yourself or having any legal problems.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legal Cocaine - the ultimate experience

There is absolutely no reason to miss this opportunity - buy our product, have a great night, feel the incredible tide of energy rushing through your entire body! After that - get a decent sleep, wake up fresh and filled with energy, ready for your next unbelievable party - and you can thank us later for all of that, because legal cocaine will do it for you. Believe the unbelievable. Achieve the unachievable. Experience the unexperienced.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harmless effective legal narcotics?

Do these things exist anyway? Are young people in their right mind when they want to have fun or are they straying from the righteous path? What's so wrong about taking a herbal pill that gives you the energy you need with the thrill you want and without harming you in any way?

Legal Cocaine will give you all of those things at a pretty acceptable price and without the side effects of all the nasty illegal drugs that flood the markets. This is the 21st and it's time to take drugs to a safer level for the sake of your wealth, health and fun.

So buy a bottle of legal cocaine now, only for $19.95, and have the night of your life!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Legal cocaine - Time of your life

Legal cocaine - Time of your lifeCare to spend the best night of your life tonight? Legal cocaine is your salvation - only for $19.95 per a bottle you can experience the incredible feeling of cocaine without it's nasty side effects. Since legal cocaine is made from 100% natural and harmless herbal ingredients it will give you no side effects and no trouble with the law. Cheap, legal, effective, harmless - what more do you need?

So order a bottle for $19.95 now and experience the best night of your life! Our shipments can reach you in any place at any time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Legal Cocaine - the future

Legal Cocaine - the futureDo you need to get high that much? Do you need to experience all of the side effects? Do you need all the problems with police just for that one incredible feeling? Not anymore. Now you can have legal cocaine, without having trouble with the law, without all of the side effects and absolutely free and natural. Our herbal product is harmless for you and easy on your finances. Only per $19.95 you will experience the incredible feeling of cocaine, without its nasty side effects and you will wake up on the morning absolutely fresh and ready for another great night.

So what are you waiting for? Order NOW! We ship worldwide!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Legal cocaine - ups and downs

Well the downs list is empty. So why don't I just bring up the reasons to purchase this incredible product:

- Cheap and effective! That's right. For only $19.95 per a bottle you can get the disired effect.
- No side effects! The feeling you get is like real cocaine, but it has no side effects at all.
- 100% natural! The ingredients are harmless and give you an incredible energy boost.
- Legal worldwide! No problems with the cops on this one. In fact they think legal cocaine to be the solution of drug distributing and use on their streets.

Order it now! Our shipments will reach you in any place, at any time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Legal Cocaine - one and only

Why is legal cocaine the best product on the market?

Well, first of all, cocaine is expensive, illegal, harmful. In fact cocaine is lethal once everyday use occurs. I don't know about you, but our customers have made the right choice, by choosing an incredible effect without the horrible consequences. That's what legal cocaine's all about. The highs without the lows. It is legal, perfectly safe, side-effect free and cheap. Only $19.95 per a bottle and the night is yours. So what's it gonna be - coffin or club?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Legal Cocaine - the right choice

Legal Cocaine is everything you've always wanted from a drug - cheap, harmless, non-adictive, legal and with absolutely no side effects. Unlike its original substance, Legal Cocaine is made of natural 100% harmless ingredients and it will never have all those nasty side effects and complications on your body. So if you need at least one reason to buy the bestselling product on the market - you have four:
- Legal worldwide
- for an incredible price of $19.95
- Harmless and side-effect free
and last, but not least:
- Alcohol-friendly (however, consumption with water is recommended for an ultimate effect).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Legal ecstasy - the ultimate alternative

Legal ecstasy - the ultimate alternativeYou can't deny ecstasy its incredible effect. But you can't also deny the nasty side-effects it can have on your body. Nausea, blurry vision, sweating, etc. can be some of the many short-term effects ecstasy could have. It could also increase your blood pressure and lead to hyperthermia and dehydration. Liver, Cardiovascular and kidney failure are also among the risks you take in consuming ecstasy.

Depression, anxiety, loss of coordination, loss of apetite, trouble with mood and memory... Do you want all these effects? Is it worth the "great" time?

Well it is with legal ecstasy. What is legal ecstasy? It's a legal natural substitute of harmful ecstasy. Legal ecstasy's contents are absolutely harmless and legal. No trouble with the law, no trouble with your body, only pure 100% fun with no side-effects!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MDMA Dosage

MDMA generally comes in the form of small tablets, capsules, or white powder. When found in tablet form (often referred to as "Ecstasy"), it is common for MDMA to be combined with any of the following substances : MDMA, Caffeine, MDA, Methamphetamine, DXM, MDE, Pseudo/Ephedrine, Ketamine, BZP, and TFMPP. Chemical analysis of Ecstasy tablets has found from 0 - 120 mg of MDMA as well as a variety of the above substances. Trying to calculate dosages from tablets containing unknown quantities of MDMA can be difficult, but a high quality tablet of street ecstasy (those containing MDMA alone) generally contains an average of 60 to 80 mg of MDMA. The chart below shows what are considered recreational/therapeutic dosages for pure MDMA, measured in mg.

Overdose Effects:
Vomiting, headaches and dizziness may result from too high a dose of MDMA. Some people are considerably more sensitive to MDMA than others. Be careful if you are using MDMA for the first time or using material of an unknown purity and strength. Always start low.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party with legal cocaine

Legal cocaine is the best substitute to illegal and harmful cocaine. Just for $19.95 you can get yourself a bottle and have fun all night long without having to worry about your health. Put it in your pocket and spread the party on the streets. All we want is a simple thing - we want to make a little money out of something, that you would enjoy without harming yourself. And that's what we do. Time is precious, health is also - so we give you a solution that will no doubt give you an incredible night. Don't waste time bothering which party should you attend to. Bring legal cocaine everywhere and you'll be the hottest spot on earth.

Order a bottle of legal cocaine now, only for $19.95 per a bottle!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Alcohol effects

Positive effects of alcohol
* mood lift, happiness, giddiness
* relaxation
* lowered inhibitions / reduced social anxiety
* analgesia (kills pain)
* talkativeness

Neutral effects
* flushed skin
* slurred speech
* nystagmus, difficulty focusing eyes
* drowsiness, sleepiness
* tolerance with repeated use within a few days
* changed (often increased) response to sexual stimuli
* "beer goggles" — others appear more attractiveref
* changed aesthetic appreciation: normally beautiful things can seem ugly, things normally seen as ugly judged beautiful.
* mild visual distortions at high doses

Negative effects
* nausea, vomiting (vomiting while unconscious can kill)
* decreased coordination
* emotional volatility (anger, violence, sadness, etc)
* reduced impulse control
* dizziness and confusion
* frequent urination (more with beer or wine), diuretic effect
* coma and death at extreme doses
* blackouts and memory loss at high doses
* lowered inhibitions and increased confusion can lead to unwanted and negative sexual
* brain and liver damage (cirrhosis) with heavy use
encounters (date rape)
* fetal damage in pregnant women at high dose or frequency
* hangover, lasting 12-36 hours, from mild to severe after heavy use

Total Duration
1.5 - 3 hrs
15 - 30 mins
Coming Up
15 - 20 mins
30 - 90 mins
Coming Down
45 - 60 mins

After Effects
1 - 2 hrs
Hangover / Day After
1 - 36 hrs


Thursday, January 28, 2010

MDMA Drug test types

Hair Testing
MDMA is detectable with hair tests and there are at least two drug testing companies (Psychemedics and Quest Diagnostics) which include it in their standard hair test. Hair tests generally take the most recent 1.5 inches of growth and use those for testing. That provides a detection period of approximately 90 days.

Urine Testing
Though MDMA is not specifically tested for in the standard 'SAMHSA-5" drug tests, it is chemically closely enough related to amphetamines that recent MDMA users will test positive in both amphetamines (a common test) and methamphetamines (a somewhat newer and less common test). The detection periods for MDMA are very similar to those for amphetamines. Also, many tablets of street ecstasy are not pure MDMA and frequently includes amphetamines (and may also contain caffeine,DXM, MDE,MDA, ephedrine etc.) which may trigger drug tests.

Amphetamines are standardly detectable in urine for 24-96 hours after use (72 average).
Methamphetamines stay in the system slightly longer, 24-120 hours.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cocaine effects

Increases heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and sweating. Increases speed of respiration, dilates the pupils, decreased appetite and sleep. Can decrease seizure threshold and is associated with strokes, seizures, and heart attacks in susceptible individuals.

Varies with dose and the tolerance of the user. Increases wakefulness, alertness, elevates the mood, mild to high degree of euphoria, increases athletic performance, decreases fatigue, clearer thinking, increases energy, increases concentration, increased irritability, restlessness, insomnia. With high doses may exhibit a pattern of psychosis with confused and disorganized behavior, irritability, paranoia, fear, hallucinations, may become extremely antisocial and aggressive.

Try the next generation cocaine - Legal Cocaine - TNT

About Cocaine

girl snort cocaineCoke, Crack, Flake, C, Snow, Blow, however you call it - it is a fact and it's running among the people.
The powerful stimulant is sold throughout the globe in two kinds:
- hydrochloride salt - it dissolves in liquids and it can be snorted or injected in a vein.

- freebase - it can be smoked. "Crack" is a street word for the freebase version.

Cocaine is dangerous, no matter how much or in what way you consume it. It is very harmful and regular use can bring you to many complications, such as heart conditions, heart attacks, trouble with respiratory and nervous system, respiratory failure, strokes, digestive problems, etc.

Drug abuse can be very painful and harmful. If consumed with alcohol it may be lethal.

Have a great time without ruining your health! Please, do not use drugs!! Try the next generation legal drugs - party pills!

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