Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Legal coke

Cocaine provides many of the side effects you would definately pass Nausea, blurry vision, sweating, increased blood pressure, dehydration, cardiovascular failure, liver failure, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, loss of coordination, loss of apetite, mood swings, temporary memory loss, etc. , etc. , etc.

herbal ecstasy

But why is cocaine still on the market with those kinds of risks. Some people just want to get high. Coke gives you a great experience, that is a FACT! But at what cost.

Now the only thing you should ask yourself is:
Will Legal cocaine harm me? 

The answer is simple - NO! Herbal cocaine is a legal, herbal, harmless, effective and cheap drug that will cause absolutely no trouble legally, mentally, physically, etc. No trouble, only fun! Lots of it! Care to find out why legal highs are better highs..

Have a great time without ruining your health! Please, do not use drugs!! Try the next generation legal drugs - party pills!

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