Friday, February 12, 2010

Legal Cocaine - the right choice

Legal Cocaine is everything you've always wanted from a drug - cheap, harmless, non-adictive, legal and with absolutely no side effects. Unlike its original substance, Legal Cocaine is made of natural 100% harmless ingredients and it will never have all those nasty side effects and complications on your body. So if you need at least one reason to buy the bestselling product on the market - you have four:
- Legal worldwide
- for an incredible price of $19.95
- Harmless and side-effect free
and last, but not least:
- Alcohol-friendly (however, consumption with water is recommended for an ultimate effect).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Legal ecstasy - the ultimate alternative

Legal ecstasy - the ultimate alternativeYou can't deny ecstasy its incredible effect. But you can't also deny the nasty side-effects it can have on your body. Nausea, blurry vision, sweating, etc. can be some of the many short-term effects ecstasy could have. It could also increase your blood pressure and lead to hyperthermia and dehydration. Liver, Cardiovascular and kidney failure are also among the risks you take in consuming ecstasy.

Depression, anxiety, loss of coordination, loss of apetite, trouble with mood and memory... Do you want all these effects? Is it worth the "great" time?

Well it is with legal ecstasy. What is legal ecstasy? It's a legal natural substitute of harmful ecstasy. Legal ecstasy's contents are absolutely harmless and legal. No trouble with the law, no trouble with your body, only pure 100% fun with no side-effects!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MDMA Dosage

MDMA generally comes in the form of small tablets, capsules, or white powder. When found in tablet form (often referred to as "Ecstasy"), it is common for MDMA to be combined with any of the following substances : MDMA, Caffeine, MDA, Methamphetamine, DXM, MDE, Pseudo/Ephedrine, Ketamine, BZP, and TFMPP. Chemical analysis of Ecstasy tablets has found from 0 - 120 mg of MDMA as well as a variety of the above substances. Trying to calculate dosages from tablets containing unknown quantities of MDMA can be difficult, but a high quality tablet of street ecstasy (those containing MDMA alone) generally contains an average of 60 to 80 mg of MDMA. The chart below shows what are considered recreational/therapeutic dosages for pure MDMA, measured in mg.

Overdose Effects:
Vomiting, headaches and dizziness may result from too high a dose of MDMA. Some people are considerably more sensitive to MDMA than others. Be careful if you are using MDMA for the first time or using material of an unknown purity and strength. Always start low.

Have a great time without ruining your health! Please, do not use drugs!! Try the next generation legal drugs - party pills!

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